A Different Kind of Grandpa

A Life-Story Worthy of Sharing, Generation after Generation


February 2017

Purdue Phi Delta Theta’s Service to ALS

Below is a speech I gave to Phi Delta Theta at Purdue University on February 19, 2017. It was my privilege to represent the ALS Society of Indiana and share my story as well as encourage these students to continue their remarkable... Continue Reading →

Grandpa’s Volkslesson

I still remember my first day of work at grandpa’s used car lot. It’s still so very fresh and alive in my memory and has been since I walked into the office and was greeted by my new boss, my... Continue Reading →

You May Never Have Known

This infographic helps make sense of a very complex disease.

Join Me In My Journey

If someone asked you, "Come along and walk a difficult journey with me.", would you join them?  Most of us would rather walk only where we are comfortable and our thinking is unchallenged, if the truth be known. Most of us prefer... Continue Reading →

Unusual Stories

To live a story worthy of retelling, generation after generation, we must stand out from all the other stories being told. Our story must be different and worth of retelling, over and over again.

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